We Offer Full Cross Dock Services

Our Cross Dock Services are provided by our sister company, Ace Distribution and Logistics.

Ace Distribution and Logistics offers the same great service that you're used to, with the knowledge and experience to get your job done right the first time.

Ace Distribution and Logistics' cross-dock services address four major areas: supply chain flexibility, speed, reliability and cost management. Our cross-dock operations provide large staging areas where inbound materials are sorted and outbound shipments are staged and ready to ship within hours.

Another advantage we offer is our close proximity to all major West Coast transportation and hub points — making Ace Freight a natural choice for importers and rail customers. Our warehouse and offices are centrally located in the Port of Los Angeles.

Advantages of Ace Distribution and Logistics' Cross Dock Services

  • We're centrally located at the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach.
  • Our experienced staff is fully trained to carefully handle your cargo, and quickly get it sorted and distributed.
  • We offer transload services. We can receive your products via one mode (containers, rail cars, trailers) and immediately transfer them to a new mode.

Contact us today for details on our cross dock services.